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I will be there for you, listen to you and ask you questions. I will help you to see things from new angles and

start using your potentials and behaviors in different ways.

Coaching one-to-one

Private SINGLE

You would like to:

Resolve conflicts in relationship/s
→ Resolve conflicts with communication
(Re-) Finding your bearings
→ Sorting out your life (goals)

→ Stress management

→ Prepare interviews


You would like to:


Sharpen your own (career) goals
→ Develop dialogue strategies
→ Strengthen resilience
→ Find Individual strategies with

     conflicts in the professional


→ Psychological consultancy



You would like to:

→ Resolve conflicts about


→ Dissolve dynamic blockages

→ Team development


Why me?

I create and protect a space in which things can be said that are otherwise usually not said - so that things can finally be tackled and changed.

I work with concrete examples of situations and participants' wishes and bring them to life in simple conversation simulations so that they can be analysed in concrete terms and options for action can be derived from them. For the simulation, the participants briefly take on a theatrical role, which is a thorou
ghly enjoyable experience.

Communication is key for me: Why do I think it's worth to keep constantly working on good communication? → To avoid unnecessary conflicts, but even more: to remain capable of resolving conflicts. Why is that? An unresolved conflict is like a silent volcano. It simmers inside until it erupts, and then an explosion can cause immense damage and expensive consequences. Conflicts will make people ill, impair team and work performance and lead to staff turnover. In addition to appreciation, trust and competences, cooperation also requires rules - including communication! Benefits of improved (meaning clear, understandable & comprehensible) communication: 1. freeing up time resources (through fewer time-consuming communication clashes, misunderstandings, tensions) 2. recognition (feeling understood) = leads to higher work motivation + stronger performance. 3. more attractive working environment for potential new employees (being seen and heard) 4. higher respect from employees for managers (if they have a high level of sensitive communication and live up to it).

Special knowledge:



 Creative industries


Jahreszeiten für Walk & Talk

walk & talk

A walk in a park: The physical movement gets thoughts moving,

fresh air and impressions on our way have a positive and inspirational

influence. (Berlin Parks in Mitte/Northwest)

Raum Schliemannstr. 41

create & talk

In addition to conversation I work -on request- also with creative methods

such as constellations, system board, action and movement in space.


telephone and online

I am also happy to coach you over the phone or online video-to-video.

Impact Hub Berlin

Satisfied customers include:


LKJ Berlin
Rambazamba Theater Berlin
Anni Heuser Schule Berlin
iris-sensing GmbH Berlin
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