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I will have all team members in view, I will listen to you and ask you questions. I will help you to see things from new angles and enable you to use your potentials and behaviors in different ways.

Supervision is the observation from an external position and creating a space for reflection on professional and institutional performance of a work-team. Supervision takes the interdependencies within a system of individuals, roles, functions, mandates and the organisation into focus. The aim is extended possibilities of thoughts and performance of the staff. As a supervisor I work systemic, related to a given mandate aswell as process-oriented. My supervisory attitude is all sides aligned and sensitive to context and diversity.

           → Team-supervision

           → Case-supervision

           → Leadership-supervision

Special knowledge:



 Creative industries




or in Prenzlauer Berg

In addition to talk and work with specific questions I will - on request - also work with creative methods such as constellations, system board.


telephone and online

I am glad to work by phone or videocall.

Satisfied customers include:

                                                    KilaKitra Prenzl'Berg e.V.                    

Nwik Berlin
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